The Journey of Two Souls
The Journey of Two Souls
Perfect Bound Softcover
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We are all on a journey. At this time, many of us baby boomers are on a journey of caring for our aging parents. Any life journey has its ups and downs. Many children never see this in their future. There are lots of feelings: frustration, hopelessness, anger, and inability to cope. This book is about my mother and our journey, with her becoming the person cared for and I the caregiver. It is honoring mother and her struggle. It is a book of care, love, support, and hope.
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I am a first-time author of a book. I have written articles in journals and newsletters. I have given countless lectures and have done a lot of program development. I have multiple interests, such as gardening, reading, traveling, and having small dinner parties. I am a singer/cantor (We Are Called) and a tour guide for my sassy seniors group. I worked for thirty-six years in the medical field as a metabolic support dietitian. Six years ago, I retired and became my mother's caregiver. After she passed away at the age of one hundred, I felt compelled to share our story about our change in relationship from mother-daughter to patient-caregiver.

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