The Grief
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I have arranged this book in such a way as to divide it into categories so that the reader will get the maximum benefit and experience of it. First, the enormous grief and pain during times of betrayal, divorce, and broken homes that affect all members of the family. This first part of grief highly focuses on relationships where there is dysfunction and abuse and, overall, love that has been lost. Volume Two will focus on issues of struggle with time and with money issues that we face in this life such as death, the overall character of the man, his body, his talents, his gifts, and where Jesus comes in to place in his life. Issues of morality, the world, and justice are also touched upon. Heroes and the thirst for righteousness as well as overall prayers and supplications to the Almighty will be addressed in the second volume. There will also be prayers and short poems that are brief but, in their brevity, stress a main point. Finally, in the third volume of glory, this will be a collection and compilation of current events and all-time favorites of the poet's choosing, representing the mastery, skill, and talent that has been bestowed on the writer. One's senses will be heightened and enlightened with effortless enjoyment experienced by the reader. It is highly advised that the reader purchase all three volumes to get the maximum effect of the whole process so they can better relate to each poem. The reader will be taken upon a journey first of betrayal, love lost, sorrow, and death, and in a sense, dying to oneself. The next volume will focus on encouragement and prayers, even though one does not understand why they are going on their specific journey. The grace in volume two cannot be denied and can only be dealt once the grief is experienced. It is so blatant that it seems to jump off the pages with healing power. And, finally, volume three is the pinnacle of God's glory demonstrated by a compilation of all-time favorites chosen by the poet herself as well as all the troubling current events that are occurring in the world at this time. It is my desire that the persons reading this compilation of poems focus on all of the volumes because each has immense beauty and meaning. It is for this reason that it would be my honor and desire that you purchase all three to get the maximum benefit of the process, keeping the end result in mind.
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My name is Michelle Prewett. I was born in the summer of '69 in Austin, Texas, to parents Jon Roy and Gladys Prewett. My mother is a native Colombian, and my father was involved in the Peace Corps, where he met my mother in Bogotá, her residence at the time. My early years were spent in Harlingen, where my mother worked at a Levis Strauss warehouse, overseeing many employees.

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