Tell Them Who I Am
"Tell Them Who I Am"
Representing an Often-Misrepresented God
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Tell Them Who I Am: Representing an Often Misrepresented God is a book written to help new and old believers know the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob more intimately. As Christianity is usually misrepresented as being primarily about sin, judgment, restriction, self-denial, and boredom, this book describes a God of love, grace, peace, acceptance, salvation, and intimacy. The author describes a god that longs to have an intimate relationship with his children and longs to help his children understand missed opportunities to see the personal stumbling blocks that bring about trials and suffering. This book addresses common and controversial topics that Christian believers confront every day and explains why the book of Job needs to be compared to the rest of God’s word. Each chapter is not a series of decontextualized Bible verses, but provides holistic perspectives of topics, explained through the lens of a loving god.
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Mr. Carranza has a master’s degree in general-experimental psychology from California State University–San Bernardino. He is a strong believer that we, as God’s children, use our secular achievements and skills to glorify God. He was born and raised Catholic, but decided to turn away from Catholicism after he received salvation at the young age of seventeen. Mr. Carranza gave his youth to God by trying wholeheartedly to apply Biblical principles to every area of his life. His experiences growing up in a neighborhood infested with gangs, drugs, and crime—coupled with his survival of an oppressive and abusive marriage—led Mr. Carranza to form a personal theology of love, grace, salvation, acceptance, and peace. He believes that we are to worship God in everything that we do. Mr. Carranza has two beautiful children, a girl and a boy, whom he considers his very first ministry.

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