Letters to Grace
Letters to Grace
The Angel Diaries
Perfect Bound Softcover
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I would like to share with you the experiences and spiritual insights I have had with my guardian angel Grace through my journal writings set over a small portion of my life. The essence of this book is of weaving dreams into reality and the power within our imagination. Grace's office is a place that was created within my imagination during meditation and creative visualization. It is now somewhere I visit most days to write and receive information from Grace. It is also where I go when I do a reading. Through the expression of writing, often therapeutic, have come many wise insights, creative designs, business ideas, and textile art designs that have assisted me in bringing my creative thoughts into the physical world as things. Thoughts really do become things, and this book is the living proof of this process. My intention for this book is, by sharing this with you, it will assist you to explore your own safe place of imagination and to connect with your own Grace-your guardian angel, who is waiting for your attention, ever so patiently. Grace has been at me for years to write and publish a series of books with her, our own unique way of writing and passing on information. It is an interesting and exciting way to live. It brings me great joy to share with you Letters to Grace: The Angel Diaries.
Dear Grace, Today I want to run up the stairs to Grace's Office, I am so excited! Today is the last day John will be working in Australia, doing what he has been doing for many years now. Tomorrow he comes home to stay, and create a new life here together. I manage to pull myself up before rushing through the door. Breathe Monica, just breathe... Opening the door, I find myself standing on the top of the world, the landscape unfolding below my feet. I smile as I feel John by my side. The music in Grace's Office is The Carpenters song "I'm on the top of the world, looking down on Creation and the only explanation I can find. Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around, its gonna put me at the top of the world....." "Ready to fly?" I take John's hand and we fall forward, the feeling of liberty is exhilarating, the uprush of wind supporting us. Isn't imagination wonderful? The world is at our feet, the wind beneath our wings, we are able to fly in a different way, no more planes or helicopters - free of the physical side effects, flying in Spirit is easy - go anywhere, any time, however, whenever....the only limits are those of the mind. It is blissful, free, easy and no one else has a say in it. I have my angel by my side, together we leap into the unknown. But is it? Is it the unknown, or are we simply, just catching up with what we have already dreamt of together eons ago? The Allowing. In a whole new way, I have just had a huge realisation - immensely so - we are simply catching up with the desires of our hearts and soul. Oh my! I get it! Wow - I really get it! Now I can truly relax into this. The Allowing, the physical catch up of what dreams may come! With a shift in energy, I can feel myself back in Grace's Office. There are three winged arm chairs by the fire, and three cups of steaming tea on the table, waiting. I still have John's hand in mine as we sit side by side. Grace is with us, all three of us warming our bodies by the fire after the chill of flying. Grace smiles at our realisation, dreamily stirring the honey in her tea, one foot lazily swinging on her crossed legs hooked over the arm of the chair (her favourite position). We all sit in awe of this impressive moment, staring into the dancing flames of the eternal fire of inspiration.... It is as it is, and it is good! We all sit in awe of this impressive moment, staring into the dancing flames of the eternal fire of inspiration.... It is as it is, and it is good!
Monica's guardian angel, Grace, has been present in her life from birth. Her awareness of Grace came about as a small child when Grace was known to her as Patricia, her invisible friend. Having had a near-death experience as a child, she has been able to see people who have moved into the spirit world. In more recent years, Monica has worked consciously with Grace, who assists her with the readings and in her own life decisions. Tarot cards first came into Monica's life as a gift from her sister twenty-six years ago. Instantly, she knew them, felt comfortable with them, and still uses the same deck in readings today. Together they have told many stories and assisted many people to a greater understanding of their life's experiences. Monica has been a mother for twenty-eight years and a practicing therapist for twenty-one years, having studied shiatsu, yoga, meditation, Bowen therapy, anatomy and physiology, reiki mastery, life coaching, first-aid homoeopathy, Bach and bush flower remedies, dowsing, clairvoyance, tarot reading and mediumship have come naturally. She has lived and worked in Australia and New Zealand in her own healing clinics in the Blue Mountains and Rylstone in Australia and in massage clinics in Queenstown, New Zealand. She has also done readings at a healing weekend at Upper Hutt, New Zealand; Dubbo Mind Body Spirit Festival; and in The Readers Room at the Mind Body Spirit Expos in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. She has clients in Australia, New Zealand, India, and Singapore and has also worked with the Riding for the Disabled in New Zealand and Australia. She has provided personal development workshops for teens using equine-guided therapies and as a teacher's aide in New Zealand and Australia. And, yes, at times when needed, she has shoveled manure, washed dishes, and made beds for a living too! The focus of her work now is with Grace, providing spiritual guidance for everyday problems and to help create a life you love living. She has two beautiful adult daughters and now lives in Feilding, New Zealand, with her husband, John, cocreating a life they love.

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