The Awakening
The Awakening
A Conscious Conspiracy
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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In a world where secret societies and government conspiracies run rampant, Malcolm Jennings and his beloved Elizabeth, are quick to learn of an elite class which is planning the most diabolical scheme to ever reach mankind.
After a strange disappearance of archeologist and professor Charles Jones, his apprentice Malcolm and niece Elizabeth, a museum curator and history buff, are summoned to finish his life's work which may unlock a secret known only to a few. In this 57,000 word novel Malcolm and Elizabeth discover the inner workings of government programs and secret societies, which have steered the masses for many years. As the conspiracy becomes more evident, so do their feelings for one another leaving this suspenseful journey interlaced with romance and passion. As the world around them changes with every battle faced, the tentacles of a much greater power forces them into a quest with an outcome unbeknownst to them. After entering into a world of secrecy and hostility, there is no turning back as the race for time is narrowing to solve a damning mystery which could set them free.
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Lance C. Dauzat is from the small town of Fifth Ward, LA. He was born, raised, and is currently living there. He has been married to the same woman, Jenny, for over a decade and is the proud father of two. He has always been a student of history and is able to see through blankets of disinformation obscured by many. This obedience is what has lead him to his research, which further opened his eyes to the world around him. Dauzat is an independent researcher into the inner workings of government secrets, cover-ups, and/or conspiracies. He is ex-military and has learned a lot throughout his travels. After more than a decade of research he has written this fictional novel based on his findings, which challenges the current understanding of the world viewed through the perceptual lens of the public. His interest in learning the stories behind the stories has prompted him to his news blog at, in addition to being a fiction novelist. Through his words you may never view the world the same.

You believe in what you think you know, but do you really know what you think you believe?
(Lance C. Dauzat)

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Dust Jacket Hardcover
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