The Archer at the End of Time
The Archer at the End of Time
The Prescience of the Summer Ring
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Melding fantasy and science fiction, The Archer at the End of Time creates a universe expanding from the apocalyptic end of man's galactic empire to a climax millions of years in the future. Clansman Deron McRey and outcast Kayleen Dei Theene are two of the many people ensnared by a web of a prophecy woven by a messianic religious figure, Peter the Blind, ten thousand years ago. The threads of time are knotted by deadly foes, all aiming for the ultimate and final destruction of mankind. Traversing a land drowning by rising seas and battered by warring sentient machines, humanity struggles to survive while creating a civilization that relies not on technology but mental prowess to once again return to the stars and fulfill its ultimate destiny. Woven with stunning twists and turns, this fast-paced first book sets the stage for incredible events unfolding through all space and time.
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Bob Harrison is a retired educator who has been writing fiction since he was a child, completing his first novel at age twelve. Harrison's college education included degrees in electronics communication, English, and theatre arts and professional writing, with graduate degrees and coursework in education and computer science. Harrison's other interests include football, soccer, fishing, and computer gaming. An early pioneer in computer graphics, Harrison has edited and contributed to several textbooks. His varied background as a military veteran and college professor gives him unique insights into character and motivation. A life-long student of science and world events, Harrison brings that passion to his writing, creating a detailed and believable future history. He has published short stories, poetry, and a previous novel, Da Bonemon. In this first book in a trilogy, he has created a universe that stretches from man's galactic empire to the end of time.

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