The Shine of Life
The Shine of Life
The Remarkable True Adventures of a Top London Lawyer
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Philip's remarkable career in law in London led to recommendations, from which he gained unprecedented access to leading lights in politics and the trade unions. He warns about the many pitfalls that trap the unwary, even what happened to a High Court judge! He recounts many fascinating events, beginning with a landmark case while articled, all the way through acting for such colourful clients as impresarios, actors, airline captains, and members of both houses of Parliament, to ultimately being chosen out of thousands of solicitors by the Prime Minister himself for his Party's prestigious new London headquarters.
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Born in London in the dark days of the Second World War, Philip was always ready, as a youngster to shine a light by helping others in very difficult times. Later he found his true vocation that, as a lawyer he could do the very same for his clients. He became a Bachelor of Laws at London University and a Solicitor of the Supreme Court .Later as a Consultant Solicitor he continued influencing others for good such as supplying Government with procedural innovations. Law students flocked round him for career advice and he has now retired with a vast experience of life and of some very unusual situations. Philip is married and still lives in London. As members of English Heritage and the Royal Horticultural Society, he and his wife enjoy visiting stately homes and gardens and never miss a flower show.

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