The Real China Beach
The Real China Beach
A Beach Surrounded by War
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Through my photos, I've documented my tour of duty in Vietnam. Our photo journey begins at Red Beach, where the first US troops landed in Vietnam. Next we pass by Freedom Hill and the Rock Pit before we get to First Marine Division HQ's. Heading south we move past fire bases and the Hoi An ROK Marine Base. We then head north past Marble Mountain and enter the China Beach compound. We pass thru downtown Da Nang and pass by the Da Nang Air Base. We then head down the busy road to Monkey Mountain. Next take a look around Camp Tien Sha. We then drive past Deep Water Pier and up the steep windy Monkey Mountain road, where our journey ends, overlooking where we have been.
10/09/2001 Name: Andrew Balus Location: Newport RI Comments: I found this site while looking for info on the TV show 'China Beach', which much to my dismay. Is no longer on The History Channel every night. I would just like to thank you so much for the photos. I've never seen images that seemed so "real" before. Sure I've seen even graphic TV news reels, but not actual Veterans photos. As I get older (I'm 29) I'm slowly realizing how tragic war really is, and sincerely hope you somehow got through it all the best you could. I have nothing but the utmost respect for all US service men/women, and would just like to give a big "thank you" from the bottom of my heart. I do realize that freedom has a price, and do appreciate all you've done for our wonderful country. Godspeed, and god bless 4/14/2012, 18:25, L Graves, Location: US | U.S. Navy Combat Photographer (NAV-4V; Det. Charlie). Thanks for this web site and the postings. It brings back memories [Many are sad, as reflected in the ones here]. Rather we like those memories or not; they are the facts, the history. U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine photographers of that era. Good Luck To ALL. Thanks for your Military service 1/31/2013 Name: Paul Mears Comments: I was at Camp Tien Sha 1968-1969 with Tien Sha Security (TSP) charged with perimeter security. We experienced rocket attacks and long tedious watches. The ammo dump got hit and went off for days, 500lb bombs make quite a racket. In-country R&R at China Beach surfing the waves and watching the big red Asian sun come up out of the China sea. Ron Washington was a pal who worked hard for his race. Fellow security pals were big Jim Kelly from NY, Paul Sustin from El Lay and many others. I would love to hear from anyone at that time. We guarded the Deep Water Piers and many towers to safeguard our fellow servicemen. 10/24/2000 Name: Michael Leap Location: Blue Springs MO Comments: Thanks for posting your work. It's good for me to see your pictures of you today but I've learned over the years 'since' I can identify best when I can visualize how 'we' looked then. So thanks also for posting the picture of the good lookin' kid. I'm pretty sure you and I are very close in age. I became 22 aboard ship in 8/65 enroute to the Danang area. Good old improvising Marines sure policed up the area after I left. China Beach, Monkey Mtn (the road!). Your pictures are a real treasure; thanks for sharing them. 02//3/1998 Name: Joseph Nguyen From: Stockton, California Comments: I was born in Hue and grew up in Danang by China Beach, Monkey Mountain, Tien Sa, An Hai, Son Cha... area (just one of those war children). You have great pictures, those are very familiar to me, I went back there July 1997 to see my family, I hiked Monkey Mountain, Marble Mountain, China Beach... Things changed, the country is still beautiful and poor. I respect and thank all of you who serviced in Nam, it meant a lot to some people... God bless you.
I was raised be righteous parents with six siblings in a small town in the mid-west. I was active in scouting and always had nothing but respect for Veterans and the Military. My father Jerome was a WWII veteran, and my grandfather Henry a WWI veteran. I wanted to serve my country as they did. I was due to graduate from high school in June of 67. There was a draft at this time which required males to register at age 18. I wanted to go into the Military and wanted to go to Vietnam. I was 17 at this time and my parents wouldn't sign for me to go into the Army or Marines. They didn't want me in combat. I found out about the US Navy Seabees which comes from the term Construction Battalion's. The Navy had an early entry program, where my parents could allow me to sign up before turning 18. I enlisted in the Navy as a Construction recruit instead of a Seaman recruit. This would train me in a construction trade, and would also give me a high chance of ending up in a combat. I went thru Navy boot camp at Great Lakes Illinois, then 18 weeks training at Port Hueneme California as a Construction Electrician. Half of our time was class room, learning planning and estimating, and theory. Outside work we we're trained as lineman. Climbing pole was scary as hell at first but I got used to it. I liked the challenges being trained as an electrician. Following school I went to Camp Pendleton for weapons training. SERE training (survival, evasion, resistance, escape) followed. Against my parent's wishes I got orders to Vietnam in March of 1968. My tour in Vietnam changed my life forever. I've been dealing with the VA as a patient, employee and volunteer since I was discharged in 1970. As a combat veteran I've dedicated my life helping veterans and preserving military history.

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