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Fairyland is a place where magical creatures are able to live safely. When that gets threatened by Izzard the wizard, royalty steps in, and a whole new city opens up to them. Trolls help with every mission. Mystery and magic create a time when a land of fairies work together to take back control of Fairyland and start a new chapter. Riley and Nania lead the capture of Izzard and Galor, and all decide that they should lead as king and queen of Aurora, the new old city.
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Hello, my name is Teressa Pridemore. Since I was in my teens, I have always wanted to write, but I didn't know what about. I have three wonderful children. Widowed at forty-one, I raised them by myself and never remarried. As they were growing up, our house was the house for all the kids. It was the house. On the weekends, it was nothing to have ten extra kids at once. At nighttime, they would all want me to read them a story. Instead, I would make one up as I went along. I became ill once and had to have surgery, and my mother came to stay with me. She fell in love with my stories and said I needed to write them down. I did try, but to no avail. We talked, and she told me to write a book. That was all I needed. My brain worked overtime in the middle of the night. I didn't sleep well. Fairyland began. It has taken me a long time to get through obstacles that kept getting in the way, but here it is. Please enjoy and tell your friends. I want to leave my children more than just memories, I want to leave them a legacy. Yours truly, Teressa Pridemore

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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