A Book of Spiritual Poems
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This is a book of spiritual and heartfelt words that will lift your spirit, touch your emotions, and give you inspiration for your life’s journey.
Doors Now I want you to think about your door Some may swing open for you to gain more Yet while a door can be life’s entry point Would you be a vessel for the Lord to anoint? Just as some doors open, others may close The sad thing about life is that nobody knows So each day we awaken from last night’s sleep Do we really know what our own door will keep? Not every door needs the turn of a knob So without the Lord’s guidance; do you know your job? Just as some doors open to allow us in Do we really understand what might begin? So we enter each door hoping for the best Each turning point in life is truly God’s test The next time you approach a door, just hesitate a bit Because without knowing what’s on the other side you might fear it Just before you enter a new phase in your life It’s the door of uncertainty that could swing like a knife Doors are just there waiting for us to pass through Have you ever thought about the impact they have on you? Some doors are silent, yet there are some that squeak As we pass through each door with a new word to speak Because as we pass through life’s doors you soon will see The door is a gateway to Heaven and Thee
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