The Follicle Chronicles
The Follicle Chronicles
Perfect Bound Softcover
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God is life, and what is life without experiences and experiences without going through good and bad changes? Everyone's lives are filled with these experiences. Being a blessed stylist for thirty-plus years gives me the opportunity to share my world by writing about them, which birthed The Follicle Chronicles. It is a series of stories inspired by God, customers, family, and dear friends. I felt that writing these stories could possibly inspire help and even change someone's life for the better. Without pain there's no pleasure, without hate love can't prevail, and without sorrow, joy can't come forth. So with an open mind, sit back, relax, and buckle up because the ride of life is about to take you into the unknown. Enjoy continuously!
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My name is Robert Polite Patterson. I'm a native from Saint Helena Island, South Carolina. I was the fifth child of seven. I grew up secluded, which led to my interest in styling hair. Styling hair spiced up my life into a permanent career in cosmetology for over 20 years. As time went on life got more interesting with me finding myself. In finding myself, I got married and had three boys. Three very interesting boys that pushed me into other gifts that were embedded inside of me. I was anxious to share them. Being inspired by others, God and certain people led me to my talent of writing. I also write poems and songs. So readers look out! You have a lot to look forward to in the future from me and I give thanks to God for that because he made it all possible and I'm forever grateful he chose me. I would have to say that in all the talents that I have, writing has become the most interesting for me. It helps sooth my mind after a long day at work. One day soon I plan to make writing a major career move. Although being a stylist is a major passion of mine. I believe by reading my stories you will be inspired because all the while I was inspired by you. My customers and friends read, be inspired, get motivated, and just do it.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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