Stuck in Neutral
Stuck in Neutral
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Have you ever been sitting on the edge of your bed in the morning, thinking about your life problems? Has anyone ever told you that you were not good enough? Is your life constantly flooded with negative thoughts? Is your life void of any motivation? Walk through the journey of an individual who overcame the odds. Walk through the life of this individual to see how the negative situations he has lived have allowed him to live a life of success and perseverance.
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Robert Garza is a young author who is a recent graduate of the University of Houston. He has a passion for helping others and is also a fitness enthusiast. He is a certified personal trainer, as well as an exercise nutrition specialist. One of his prime beliefs is that motivation and perseverance together will allow you to achieve goals that you thought were impossible. He finds it odd to describe himself in third person, but is a very good and comical social media follow. Follow his Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram @robgar22 to get a glimpse of his life.

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