The Montana Challenge
The Montana Challenge
Perfect Bound Softcover
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McKenzie O'Dannon is a retiring Navy Seal. She has been on many missions in Afghanistan and at sea and has suffered PSTD. She has trained Seals in martial arts and is also part of a unit that works with Belgian Malinois dogs. Her partner Kane Cullen also works with her unit and the dogs. They are about to embark on a retirement in a secret valley in northwestern Montana. Before they can leave, four of her friends and soon-to-be husbands join them on their adventure. As time goes by, they collect even more people that are interested in living off the grid. Her dad and grandfather have been living that way for many years, and they will join them. They will have many adventures, but they will survive. By Jane McClintock-Suffern
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Jane McClintock-Suffern lives in a rural are in Roy, Washington. The town in Roy is very small with only a Gas Station/Convenience store, 2 eateries, and a used car dealership. Needles to say we don't have anything going on in town, but I love the country living. We have a lot of horse farms in our area and we love to watch them even though my husband and I are retired, and way past owning our own horses. We have four children who are grown and five grandchildren. I love to garden, read, write and I am developing a lot on Anderson Island, Washington where I plan to build a small get away. I have one dog and she is a gem. She goes most places with me, and I have been working with her since she was a puppy. Giley, my dog and I walk a mile every day. My book is based on Navy Seals, and my husband is retired from the Navy, so that could be where my interest came from for my book.

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