The Cat, the Fish and the Waiter (English, Latin and French Edition) (A Children's Book)
The Cat, the Fish and the Waiter (English, Latin and French Edition) (A Children's Book)
Feles Piscis Caupoque
Perfect Bound Softcover
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When Peter, a humble waiter in Paris, volunteers to care for his friends' pets, a cat and an exotic orange fish, things get complicated when the pets go missing. Now Peter must search for the missing pets before his friends get back from vacation. Will he find the animals in time? Decide for yourself as to what happens to the elusive pets while exploring Paris with Peter and learning a new language at the same time. This story is not just for those who love mysteries but also for those who love to learn new languages too.
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Marianna Bergues, a 17-year-old student, lives in Narberth, Pennsylvania. She has always loved to write. When she was seven years old, her father told her the story about his friend in Paris who volunteered to watch his friends' pets. Her mother (Roseland Bergues) encouraged her to write a draft of the story. The story was written, stored away, and forgotten. In 2014, the rediscovered story caught Marianna's interest and imagination again. Both her mother and father encouraged her to finish the story and share it with others. She gives credit for the story to her father, Christian Bergues, who was born and raised in France. It is because of him this book exists. It was his inspiration and co-authoring that made this book possible.

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