Below the Surface
Below the Surface
A Return to Pleasure Point
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Glen had tried to destroy the Philips family in the novel Pleasure Point. They thought they had been successful in stopping his evil ways when he was locked up for kidnapping and rape, and the family felt secure as long as he was incarcerated. Pleasure Point was a novel about abuse, manipulation, and control and the workings of the mind of someone who used those methods to get and keep a grip on an innocent family. Below the Surface, the sequel of Pleasure Point, takes a deeper look at the family who experienced those tragic events. This new, fast-moving novel by Marilyn Randall shows us how truth becomes the catalyst to solve the mysteries and purge answers as they once again try to save this innocent family. A new twist for this author shows us all the deep and raging anger found just below the surface that festers over years and how it destroys the serenity of so many when Pleasure Point is revisited in this sequel.
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Marilyn Randall was a graphic art director before retiring in the 1990's. Once retired, she began writing and illustrating children's books and has published six to date. She next published an Anthology titled My Heart And Soul, followed by her first fiction novel titled Quicksand. In 2016 she published three novels, the first one is her life story and is published under a pen name, while the second novel was Pleasure Point, a fiction and following that was Sara, the fiction story of a young woman's life who became an alcoholic. This newest book, Below The Surface is a sequel to Pleasure Point and like Pleasure Point, she has continued in this newest book to bring to light the workings of the minds of those bent on the destruction of others and the selfishness of those who insert themselves into our lives for the sole purpose of evil intent, something that is a plague in today's society. Marilyn Randall lives on Whidbey Island in Washington State and shares her home with her beautiful, Maltese named Toby. "The serenity of Island life and the quiet beauty that surrounds me are the key ingredients that allow me to write and create as I have done since moving to the Island nearly twenty five years ago." You can follow her on Facebook where she shares her thoughts, philosophies and photos of flowers, Toby, and her antique porcelain collection, one of which she has photographed for the cover of this book. RS Prussia – an oblong bowl – Icicle Mold – Reflecting Water Lily décor.

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