Who is God and What is the Bible and Its Message?
Who is God and What is the Bible and Its Message?
The Identity of the Sovereign God and His Message to Humanity Revealed
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Is the universe and all that exists in it, just an incredible cosmic accident? When our lives come to an end; do we cease to exist forever, or is there hope of a future beyond the grave? This book shows that the creation of this dimension of existence, the entire history of humanity, and the cataclysmic earthshaking events of the near future have been very carefully planned and orchestrated in order for humanity to advance beyond this physical plane of existence.

In order to understand the awesome plan and purpose for humanity and the events of the near future one must understand who and what God is, the reason for the existence of the Bible, and the Sovereign God´s message to humanity. Without this understanding it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to understand the purpose for the existence of the human race.


The identity of God is one of the greatest mysteries of the entire Bible. Numerous books and papers that attempt to explain who and what God is have been written and published. And the explanations are as diverse as the people doing the writing. But, why is there such confusion about who God is, when the identity of God is the key that unlocks all spiritual knowledge and understanding about the salvation of humanity that is contained in the Bible? This section of the book reveals God´s true identity and unlocks many of the mysteries and secrets about his great plan for humanity.


The Bible is the most widely published book in the world, but what is this book? Is the Bible purely mythology about the origin of the universe and human beings that was fabricated by various writers of the ancient nation of Israel to explain their history and existence? Does the Bible hold the secret to the mystery of life and its eternal purpose?

These are but a few of the many questions that have been asked about this most read and least understood book. In the pages of Who Is God And What Is The Bible And Its Message? you will find concise and logical answers to these and many other questions about the Bible.


People all over the world are looking for a way to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Can you believe this is the reason why you were created? The purpose for your existence is to give you an opportunity to live in a place where no evil exists, and only love rules, and to have a wonderful life filled with all that is good and enjoyable forever. This is the message that Jesus Christ brought from the Sovereign God.

The following five chapters contain detailed studies into the five gospel messages that explain the awesome and wonderful plan for the salvation of humanity, which almost no one has heard in over 1,900 years:

A Message From The Sovereign God

One of the great mysteries of the Bible is the gospel message. Most Bible students will agree that the message concerns Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. Although the gospel is indeed about these two things, it is about much more. This chapter reveals who sent the gospel message, the beginnings of the gospel message in the Garden of Eden, and what the true gospel message is really about.

Grace And Peace

The Creator God had always offered grace, mercy, and peace to his people; however, after he came to earth as Jesus Christ, he made known and offered a different kind of grace, mercy, and peace, which is spiritual as well as physical and is offered by the Sovereign God.

Jesus Christ

This chapter give insight into who this man Jesus was, the new agreement that he brought to national Israel from God the Father, the true meaning of his crucifixion, what his function in the Kingdom of God is today, and what his sacrificial death means to all of humanity.

The Good News About Salvation

This study shows why God the Father grants salvation to those who believe

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The author's life experiences cover a wide range of professions, which include the construction industry, consulting, engineering, supervision, education, and spiritual leadership. This book represents a part of over 35 years and thousands of hours of research, which has resulted in over 190 topical Bible studies contained in eight books.

Today we understand that all physical law operates automatically to keep our physical dimension of existence functioning in an orderly manner, we also understand that the violation of these physical laws can result in a disruption and destruction of our physical existence. However, very few people understand that the violation of God's law is the reason for most people's trouble and sorrow today.

Throughout much of Christian history there has been much confusion and misunderstanding as to what constitutes the law of God and whether or not any or all of it applies to Christians today.

This book gives some unique insights into God's eternal purpose for humanity through the goodness and love of his law and also shows how the first humans came under the authority of the law, how the law applies to Christians today, how it will apply to humanity after the return of Christ, and how to have a closer more dynamic spiritual walk with God through and understanding and practice of his law.


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