Double Mirrors
Double Mirrors
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This book is a spiritual journey 6 years in the making. I write not only about the meaning of life, but what happens when a one’s highest priority becomes expressing truth for its own sake. When all of society, and the absurdities of everyday life are dismissed as a waste of time, and the single goal of communicating the “project” serves to define all other variables by default. Even in today’s confused world, there are means and ways to do so. To drop out of high school, and get by through the grace of God until a CD ROM, web site, laptop and wireless phone enables a pure upload. But in a world where people are malicious even in supermarkets when the stakes are just fruits and vegetables, manifesting a moment of truth, a meaning of life, an infinite amount of potential energy, into a tangible book becomes a very dangerous endeavor. Especially for a sensitive guy like me- and if I was like everyone else and mean/dumb enough to be immune to all the perils of the rat race, I wouldn’t have come up with these ideas to begin with. I am now living as a wired hermit, alienated from all society, and even my family.  I am 26 but refuse to become an adult, when everyone knows children are happier, more free, and dream more purely. The more love I create, whether through writing, music, images, or the SWS Network of web sites, the more all else becomes existent by default. But its dangerous to be a baby. Even with the help of digital technology. As I strive to become an independently survivable digital infant, I become much more susceptible to the obstacles we all experience  daily, carrying our dreams of love across the dangerous and limiting threshold that define the everyday physical worlds we live in. The result is always diminished by the fear and illusion which define this world. All physical reality, by definition, is the absence in some form of spiritual existence. To be totally God like is to not exist. To be 1 or 0, not the grey mush in between. But in this grey mush, we are scramble to somehow increase our immortality, and make our souls more powerful for when we go back to the infinite world of non-existence from which we came. And it is the potential to create more love than existed previously, not because but in spite of the greyness, pollution, that makes the human experience infinitely valuable. Every kick becomes a push, every death a birth, every birth a death, every added mess, a potential for more harmony to be created. And potential builds the spiritual world just as molecules and atoms build the world of our senses.      

In addition to philosophical and spiritual examinations, I share some of the personal experiences, anecdotes, triumphs, and tragedies, that brought me to these realizations. This book is best experienced together with the http://DoubleMirrors.comwebsite, updated continually, and the Project Double Mirrors CD ROM, which includes multimedia, animation, hundreds of images, and an original ambient/techno soundtrack. The work begins with light autobiographical writing, and gradually increases in depth and philosophical content, with the extended Double Mirror Theory on page 303, and concludes with the recent insights “The Doorway” and “Origin of the Universe/ 1s and 0s”, which came to me while in wired Jerusalem seclusion at the turn of the millennium. This section has now been included as a second volume entitled The Doorway. The first half of the book, mostly written while a student at Columbia, in NYC, relates experiences ranging from surviving a yeshiva in Milwaukee, to strip bars in NYC, and then New/Old Jews in Israel, and Ethiopian Woman. These sections were mostly written in 1994 and 1995, in a conversational informal style of writing that suited this chronology. The last half the book is more of a journal and culminates with an escape to an island where I can work without distraction, and also mentions other travels thro

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Dylan Robert Tauber, is an independent digital artist, who has been producing electronic music, art, and writing since graduating Columbia University in 1996. He has traveled around the world, but has been based in Jerusalem, Israel, as well as Hawaii and most recently a secluded island in the south western Pacific. In addition to publishing 2 books, the The Doorway and Double Mirrors in 2001, he also has produced the Project Double Mirrors CD ROM, completed in 1996 / released 1999, and 2 ambient/techno music CD soundtracks released in 1999. Dylan also runs the SWS Network which consists of 12 web sites which has accumulated over 1 million visitors since 1997.

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