The Case Against Women Raising Children
The Case Against Women Raising Children
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For information about the book go to Evolution and culture produce a body and mind to suit a creature’s role in the world.  Whether care of the young is provided by males, females or both, each species has evolved caregiver traits suited to that task.  The result is caring- women and provider-men.  In other words you are what you do.

 However, with the honing of each trait, a creature pays a price. In the case of a woman who specialized her body and mind to childcare, the price was a failure to develop skill at financial self sufficiency and individual direction, which in turn made it more likely that such a woman will live in a subordinate relationship.

Women as primary parents perpetuated gender roles.  Women  internalized this definition of themselves, and they became somewhat comfortable with it.  Even when they wanted more power over their lives, they found  themselves trapped from within.

But, human beings have also evolved the trait of educability.  We can learn.  We can choose the direction in which we develop our abilities and traits.

The case against women raising children is the case for parents raising children.

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Kathleen A. Ryan Carlsson is a New York lawyer who has practiced family and estate law for nearly 35 years. At one time she was an adjunct professor at C.W. Post College of Long Island University, where she taught a course in Women and the Law. She has written on the subject of women’s and children’s surnames, and in the early 1970s she handled employment sex discrimination cases before administrative agencies. In the earlier years as a Family Court lawyer, she also represented many women and children. Over the years of law practice she has focused especially on the situation of women clients and thought about the effect of the prevailing culture on their lives, their family roles, their financial situation and their need for legal and judicial intervention in their lives.

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