The Dear Betty Chronicles
The Dear Betty Chronicles
A Memoir of 40 years in Public Relations
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is about Morry Rotman’s career in journalism and public relations. He became a partner in a small public relations firm, which he acquired after the death of its owner. Under his leadership, the firm grew into one of the largest in the United States.
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Morry Rotman says he didn’t go into his father’s business because there wasn’t room for two at an anvil. His father, a blacksmith, walked across the face of Europe to get to America and his mother traveled in steerage at age 11 to journey to Chicago from Lithuania. Without proper schooling, (he had only a year and a half at a junior college), Morry Rotman built one of the most effective public relations organizations in the United States. Before, he was a journalist in Chicago. His book tells about his adventures as a reporter and editor in a busy metropolis. He has many tales to tell about his work helping to promote the Oscar Awards, about his promotion of Barbie Doll, about working with two Presidential candidates and how one of his firm’s former clients, a New York Supreme Court Chief Justice, landed in jail over an adulterous affair. Mr. Rotman has many tales to tell and he tells them with clarity, wit, wisdom, and a great sense of humor.

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