10 American Short Stories and Others
10 American Short Stories and Others
Laugh or Cry, but love - Comedy or Tragedy, but always Empathy
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The themes for the short stories came from personal encounters, personal experiences, chance readings, an occasional vision, and the many colorful events of all our daily lives.

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Helmut Schwab’s academic training was in the sciences. He worked in the electronics industry. Most of his personal interests and writing have focused on a deeper scientific and philosophical understanding of the world we live in, on the important human characteristics of mental creativity, ethical values, and individual personality, and on the dichotomy between science and religion, the question of the remaining transcendental foundation of our existence, and the consequent meaning or purpose of our lives. The resulting essays can be found on the website “www.schwab-writings.com”. Schwab’s volunteer effort was dedicated to community and environmental issues, help to the handicapped, and the struggle of low-income families in our inner cities. For Helmut Schwab, value of life came from the warmth of human bonds – in the family, among friends, and in chance encounters. This experience of the world with a human touch – in empathy, joy, or humor; but also in sympathy, sorrow, and suffering – provided the inspiration for his short stories.

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