Within the Lines
Within the Lines
A Novel
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Enter into the world of Gianna – a young woman, professional dancer, and recovering addict – searching for remnants of sanity in a once-poisoned mind. As she battles the effects of vacillating feelings, thoughts, and experiences, the search for her Self remains the one consistency. Exploring the realm of various passionate encounters, she is led to the realization, that true intimacy first begins with love and acceptance of the Self. Enter into the life of Gianna, seen through the illusive perceptions of the outer world, and inside the secret pages of her journalized words…the private reality hidden within the lines.
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Having attended The Juilliard School in what seems a previous life, Erin intensely studied Dance in all its diverse forms, ending up a professional dancer on Broadway. Rapidly deciding this was not the desired lifestyle of her Path, Erin took the experiences with her and returned to school. Attending UCLA, she rediscovered a lifelong passion – writing. EEE now considers herself to be a Seeker in the game of Life, striving to incorporate the usage of Laughter into the once-feared mysteriousness. Erin currently lives in Los Gatos, California.

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