There's a Roadrunner in the Honeysuckle Bush
There's a Roadrunner in the Honeysuckle Bush
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A young roadrunner is cold and hungry. Does she dare go near the building where a cat and human live? In spite of fear, she tries. She not only finds food, but a bush to live in out of the weather. Later, she finds her reflection in the rear-view mirror of the shiny green truck and it becomes her favorite place to perch and observe the two acres below her.

There are other animals and birds who live in the secure neighborhood. So begins a long relationship of acceptance with the lady of the house and her green truck.

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Betsy Francois is the well-known author and impression illustrator of the children’s pictures: There' s A Roadrunner in the Honeysuckle Bush, The Horse who Thinks she' s a Cat and two young people' s novels: The Blunders of the Patriarch and In Search of Kindness. Her latest book SURVIVING the LA SALLE EXPEDITION is told through Marie-Madeleine Talon' s point of view, the only surviving female. Betsy lives in Socorro, New Mexico. She began her writing career in 1991 taking a four-year correspondent course with The Institute of Children.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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