Double Mirrors
Double Mirrors
Images of the Infinite
Perfect Bound Softcover
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"Mankind's inexhaustible quest for truth/god/love or however else one wishes to refer to our search for the unattainable, can be accounted for by what I refer to as my theory of the Double Mirrors."

-Dylan, Son of Waves, 1993

Double Mirrors, the picture book, is an account of a thirteen year journey with images, from a yeshiva in Milwaukee, to NYC and Israel, encounters with New Jews and dolphins, and a dream of finding The Ethiopian Woman, all revolving around a vision of parallel mirrors.

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Dylan Robert Tauber, is an independent digital artist, who has been producing electronic music, art, and writing since graduating Columbia University in 1996. He has traveled around the world, but has been based in Jerusalem, Israel, as well as Hawaii and most recently a secluded island in the south western Pacific. In addition to publishing 2 books, the The Doorway and Double Mirrors in 2001, he also has produced the Project Double Mirrors CD ROM, completed in 1996 / released 1999, and 2 ambient/techno music CD soundtracks released in 1999. Dylan also runs the SWS Network which consists of 12 web sites which has accumulated over 1 million visitors since 1997.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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