Premonitions, Ideas, Poetry and Essays
Premonitions, Ideas, Poetry and Essays
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The story you are about to read on Premonitions, Ideas are based on true events, which took place during my life. I cannot explain them, or why they were given to me, perhaps you the reader could explain why. Perhaps you yourself have had the same experience. For I still do not know why. Premonitions, Ideas is based on authors experience that he had during his life time. The Poetry of course comes from his heart and soul. I found Premonitions, Ideas, Poetry and Essays very entertaining and enjoyable to read. It leaves you with much to think about. The book is the Authors third since living in Olyphant Pennsylvania. Where he still resides today and continues to write. Dennis Michael Walker was born on Staten Island, N. He moved to Pennsylvania in early 80’s. Eventually moving to Olyphant Pa. where he wrote his first book Born Twice Attention Shoppers which was published in 2001. Than in 2002 he wrote American Poems and Short Stories. And now in 2003 he also writes Premonitions Ideas Poetry and Essays. The Author Dennis Michael Walker is also a member of the Academy of Poets.
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