Fourth Wall
Fourth Wall
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If you enjoyed the website you´ll love the Magazine it´s based on *Fourth Wall*

´Fourth Wall´ registered as a magazine and a book is the result of nearly ten years of preparation. With engaging stories, articles and interviews, "Fourth Wall" seamlessly blends beautiful images with talented writing. The premier issue sheds a light on "Reincarnation", with discussions about the paranormal.

Art, in its most compelling form, accentuates the beauty of truth in a way that´s impossible to ignore.

My vision for this magazine was to explore the connection between the literal, visual and, ultimately, musical art forms.

So often we race through our lives without pausing at the extraordinary. "Fourth Wall" understands this like no other publication.

I you enjoy the Bold, Stunning and Unique, "Fourth Wall" is a must have.

Preview coming soon.

"Born in raised in the Pacific Northwest, I received my B.A. at Regents College University of the State of New York.

"While in college I became fascinated by the passion of old-world artistry and the power it has to initiate thought.

"'Fourth Wall' represents everything I love about writing and art. My art teacher used to remind me that there´s a responsibility that is assumed by the artist, once embarked down the creative path. The unspoken standard is to create work that is universally understood, but leaves enough ambiguity to encourage speculation; a worthy goal, notwithstanding how exceedingly difficult it is to accomplish."

(The author)


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