My First Book About DNA
My First Book About DNA
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Did you know that you have DNA?  Do you know what it is?  Learn all about DNA, from what it looks like and where it is found to what fascinating things we can do with it! No one is too young or old to begin learning about one of the most important discoveries of our time. Discover DNA for yourself in a fun, colorful way!

Reviews of My First Book About DNA:

“Why are my eyes brown? Why is my hair red? Do your kids ask such questions related to DNA? This is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers seeking to help young kids understand DNA, genes, and cells… Future scientists will be excited to learn that the study of DNA can be used to improve human health and even solve crimes.”

-Regina Bailey Biology Guide

“The pictures are great! I read the book…and loved it! This will definitely be part of our home library! My daughter said ‘It was cool!’ and my son said ‘Buy it! It was funny!’”

-Dee Dee Tilley, Ph.D.
Biotechnology Program Coordinator & Instructor
Seattle Central Community College

“Who would have thought it was possible to explain DNA so a child could understand it? …Katie Woodard has done just that.”

-Liz Kennedy Children’s Books Guide

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Katie is a Forensic Scientist in Seattle, WA. She spent most of her childhood in the sunshine of Southeastern Washington along the Columbia River, where she evolved a passion for animals, drawing, and science. She earned her B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Washington, all the while assisting research involving DNA. Next she leapt into the field of Forensic Science, and uses DNA to catch criminals to this day! She continues her childhood in Everett, WA with her husband Dustin, their husky Miko, and golden retriever Sunny. They love to camp, hike, snowboard, and travel the world

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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