A Woman of Distinction
A Woman of Distinction
From Hoopskirts to Airplanes
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Born in 1865, Sarah Cobb Johnson found herself the descendent of a powerful Southern family. Out of the ashes of Atlanta her family triumphed over loss and she grew up with the conviction she could accomplish anything she chose. That spirit led her to Vienna with her young physician husband, and sustained her through his premature death. A second marriage brought her to a wild, railroad town in the mountains of Virginia where she led a social reform movement that changed community life for generations to come.
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J. Hayden Hollingsworth is a retired cardiologist who has long been interested in writing and performing. He has presented from his works at resorts, including The Greenbrier, The Homestead as well as at professional educational meetings and numerous other venues. He has been an essayist on WVTF-FM, a local National Public Radio station. In addition to A Woman of Distinction, he has written a novel, Walk Down Another Street, and a series of observations on human nature, I’m Positive! Daily Encounters with the Planet which are under consideration for publication. He lives in Roanoke, Virginia.

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