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This is the eighth in a series of nine satiric, comedic novels (The Eddie Devlin Compendium) that follow a gaggle of characters, Edward Temperance Devlin foremost among them, from the Stock Market Crash of 1929 through the Great Depression, World War II, the post-war years, the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, etc. to the Millennium and beyond. Withy illustrations by the author.

Flacks (1973)
Bringing Chesty Home (1948)
Clyde Strikes Back (1963-64)
Deadlines (1984-85)
Old Tim's Estate (1929-35)
Replevy for a Flute (1956)
The Bloody Wet (1943-44)
The Survivors (1999-2000)
Wildcat Strike (1939)

The time is late August 1984, Edward T. (Eddie) Devlin is back in the newspaper business, a copy editor at the Monitor Union & Standard & Herald (aka the MUSH) following some "down-sizing" at the Greedy Mfg. Co. The primary election is fast approaching and political shenanigans begin to unspool. Eventually these involve: Peter P. Hohn, Chief MUSH Capitol Correspondent. Ralph Sackett, a public relations person whose principal client is GOP gubernatorial candidate Borg (Beanie) Olson, Mary Margaret Mergenthaler, the Democrat-Farmer-Labor candidate for lieutenant-governor, Lester Fester, the MUSH executive editor, a fearless journalist when fueled with Wild Turkey, Jerry Burns, a veteran city editor, LifeStyle editor Doodie Vermun, Lassiter Diddleworth, editor-and-publisher, several Diddleworth relatives-by-marriage employed at the MUSH, the State Council on Fairness in the Media, a snarl of lawyers (Wiley Snagg & Stahl, Levy Botch & Bray, Muddie Waters & Scamm), and H. Wiggins, a rich jolly widow who has nothing to do with any of the above but finds E. Devlin attractive. He her too. The girl of his dreams.
T.R. St. George spent 39 months in the Southwest Pacific in World War II, by turn a private and private first class in an Infantry reconnaissance platoon, a corporal and half the staff of a division newspaper and, eventually a sergeant, a reporter for YANK, the weekly Army magazine published around the world.

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