Toledoth - City of Generations
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Toledoth - City of Generations
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There is a legend that some Jews, after the Babylonian conquest of Israel, were taken as slaves to Spain. Ultimately, they allegedly founded Toledoth - the City of Generations - now Toledo. On the expulsion of Jews from Spain, ghostly testimonials remained, testifying to the long time Jewish presence.

One monument is the synagogue (whose eastern wall appears on the cover) built by Samuel Levi Abulafia, Castile’s treasurer. With his fall from grace, the community atrophied. But while history marches on, private lives continue - and this is the tale of why Saúl Abandana had two wives and how the three survived the events of their times.

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Sheldon Mike Young has been a practicing pension lawyer for over 50 years. He has taught the course in pension law at two Law Schools, is a Charter Fellow of the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel and wrote a seven volume treatise on pension law. He served in the USN in WWII, then returned to Ohio State University Law School. For 40 years, he has gathered information for this novel. His wife, Bette Abel Young, is the author of Emma Lazarus in her World. He has contributed numerous articles to several periodicals on a variety of subjects.

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