3G Cellular Systems in 90 minutes
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3G Cellular Systems in 90 minutes
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Benjamin Cheung graduated from Purdue University in 1989. He went on to complete his masters in electrical engineering. In 1991, he joined General Electric Medical Systems as an engineer. He helped develop magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound diagnostic medical imaging technology. In 1996, Ben joined Lucent Technologies in Whippany, New Jersey. There he worked on Wireless (Cellular) Telephone systems, contributing to TDMA mobile telephone systems, GPRS and Universal Mobile Telecommunication Services (UMTS). He has numerous patents pending and has been published in Bell Labs Technology Journal. His first book, 32 Innovation Factors, Engineering for Novelty, was published in 2003. This book identifies the mental building blocks to produce innovations in engineering. Ben's second book was 3G Cellular Systems in 90 Minutes. It concisely describes how third-generation wireless cellular systems function. His third book was Robotics in 90 minutes, a primer to robotic systems. You may view many of his organized thoughts at his webpage http://www.interzone.com/ cheung

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