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Cherry Valley, NY – November 2003 - Travel back into the wild frontier of 17th century Canada in an exciting tale of love, adventure, and war. Elise Dallemagne-Cookson's Marie Grandin - Sent by the King is the fascinating story of a brave young woman who was among the first French settlers to colonize North America.

This book is the life story of Marie Grandin and the part she and her husband, Jean Baudet, played in the establishment of the New World. She was among the famous young women known as "Les Filles du Roi" - daughters of the King - sent by King Louis XIV of France to help colonize his possessions in North America. Follow her every adventure as she pioneers the settlement of Lotbinière in Quebec, participates in La Salle's exploration of the Mississippi, dramatically rescues her daughter from the Mohawks, and witnesses Governor Frontenac's struggle for peace with the Iroquois Confederacy. Vibrant with accurate detail, Marie Grandin recounts the adventurous lives and struggles of the pioneers in the primeval forest wilderness of 17th century Canada.

Based on the fascinating chronicles of her own ancestors, author Elise Dallemagne-Cookson, a direct descendant of Marie Grandin, tells Marie's story against a backdrop that is one of the most fascinating chapters in North American history.

About the Author

Elise Dallemagne-Cookson is the ninth generation granddaughter of Marie Grandin. She spent two years of intensive research on the extraordinary life of her ancestor, studying the voluminous archives of the Marie Grandin-Jean Baudet family. In addition, she had access to many valuable other documents recording life in the 17th century, such as the Jesuit Chronicles, the memoirs of Nicolas Perrot, the Baron Lahontan, and the collected works of the noted historian Francis Parkman. Marie Grandin - Sent by the King is Dallemagne-Cookson's fifth book. Her previous works include two novels and two memoirs based on her own life of adventure in Africa, South America, and the South Seas.

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"In her fifth book, a sweeping historical novel, Elise Dallemagne-Cookson takes us into the world of French Canada, where explorers, adventurers, churchmen, and settlers live in a world of constant struggle, destined not to end until England emerges triumphant in the Seven Years' War. We see all this through the eyes of Marie Grandin, whose tangled life begins in 1668 in Orleans, France, where a talented young girl flees a broken romance to go to Canada. There she finds love, war, Indians, adventurers, and friends like La Salle, the great explorer of the American interior, and Count Frontenac, among many others. It's a tale of high adventure and romance, told against a backdrop that is one of the most fascinating chapters in North American history. And Marie herself is an unforgettable heroine." John Tebbel, Historian, author of The Battle for North America.

"Dallemagne-Cookson took me to another world and I feel I have a much stronger sense of early Canada and historical events...along with Marie Grandin and other historical figures. The author rose to

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Elise Dallemagne-Cookson has worked in Africa, Europe, South America, and the South Seas. She began her career as a film publicist in Spain and then as an independent film producer in Hollywood and New York before being sent to the Belgian Congo on a Foreign Service assignment. There she married a Belgian rancher and remained on his farm until its independence in 1960. She and her husband then immigrated to Argentina, where they established a dairy farm. Upon her return to the U.S., she worked for several years on Wall Street before retiring to Cherry Valley, New York.

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