Pope Hope
Pope Hope
Sneaking into seminary made her become legendary
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What if a young, inspired woman sneaks into a Catholic seminary, disguised as a man and becomes a priest? What if her approach to the priesthood is so refreshingly unorthodox that the Vatican, not knowing her gender, elects her Pope? This whimsical and at times hilarious look at the Catholic church turned upside down by a single determined woman is sure to delight the religious as well as the nonreligious, Catholics and non-Catholics, and most particularly women. It is written 'For children, young and old and for women, brave and bold....' in rhyming couplets. It is a fast, delightful read illustrated by the colorful artwork of Georgia artist James Dean.
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Ed Buckley is a renegade from the Catholic Church, a poet and civil rights lawyer living in Decatur, Georgia. He has been active in the civil rights community there for twenty years and has been involved in significant cases, including jury trials vindicating women’s rights. He lives in Decatur with his wife, Patty, and his teenage daughter Hope, who’s assertive personality was an inspiration for this book. Ed is a frequent speaker and author on civil rights issues. This is his first published work of fiction. James Dean is an artist living in Decatur, Georgia. James is well known throughout the Southeast for his “Pete the Cat” series of paintings as well as his paintings of southern landscapes in Georgia and Alabama. James lives in Decatur, Georgia with his wife, Jan. He got his degree in electrical engineering from Auburn University but has been working full time as an artist since 1997. When he is not painting he enjoys restoring classic cars.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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