Immanuel Velikovsky - The Truth Behind the Torment
Immanuel Velikovsky - The Truth Behind the Torment
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I have been enriched by the knowledge and humanity I gleaned from Dr. Sharon’s book “Immanuel Velikovsky—The Truth Behind the Torment.” It is not only a brilliant history of the physical sciences in the past century, but it is an inspiring story of a man whose genius engaged great jealousies and almost resulted in the suppression of his extraordinary insights. It is an imperative reading for those who wish to know the social difficulties under which genius must establish significant truths. I must compare Dr. Sharon’s service in this regard to that of Galileo’s daughter, who preserved her father’s brilliance for the ages to come. Dr. Sharon is herself an extraordinary contributor to our world.

—Dick Guttman

The Immanuel Valikovsky case remains one of the great scandals of 20th-Century science. Ostracized and vilified for challenging the scientific consensus of a “steady state” easrt, Velikovsky pointed to ancient literature, including the Bible, to buttress his argument that extraordinary catastrophes had befallen the globe during ancient human history. In the 1960s, his scientific repputation began to be rehabilitated by the early space probes and new geological and archaeological evidence.”

-Michael Redmond, The Princeton Packet

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