Ageless Wisdom Spirituality
Ageless Wisdom Spirituality
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Experts in many spheres of life are warning that an urgent change in direction and approach is necessary. In our hearts, we know we should act but many feel overwhelmed by the increasing complexity and demands of life. In this powerfully insightful book, James connects the dots between the major issues of our times – the environment, stress, technology, corporations, the Free Market, globalization, terrorism, the media and religion. By pinpointing the main forces underlying modern society, he explains how these various issues are connected and how they affect us both at the individual and collective levels.

Andy James points out the startlingly obvious - we should not expect to establish order and purpose in the external world without first understanding ourselves. This is akin to putting the cart in front of the horse. We need a common purpose and vision to make the Global Village work and this can only come through a shift in consciousness rather than a mere tinkering with social and economic policies. James warns that a dangerous gap has opened up between the power of our technology and our wisdom in using it. We have made a crucial mistake in presuming that the evolution of technology is the same as the evolution of human beings and have therefore neglected our inner life.

James explains why self-transformation rather than exclusive belief is the real message of the world’s great spiritual teachers. This Ageless Wisdom Spirituality is to be found in all cultures spanning millennia and thus constitutes our spiritual Common Ground. He details the history and practices of the Ageless Wisdom traditions, contrasting them with popular religion and explaining why they provide the level of consciousness necessary to take us safely through the twenty-first century.

“Here is another highly inspiring book written with a great clarity and broad scope by Andy James.” – Dhiravamsa, Buddhist meditation master and author.

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Andy James is a renowned teacher, Qigong healer and author. Nineteen years ago, he made a drastic life change, giving up his career as a chartered accountant to teach Taijiquan and Insight Meditation. He has coached, judged and demonstrated Chinese martial arts at the international level and was a founding director of the Canadian Practitioners’ Association of Asian Medicine. His work has often been covered by TV, radio and print media in Canada. Mr. James was trained by the Buddhist meditation master Dhiravamsa. He is the author of The Conscious I: Clarity and Direction through Meditation. For further information, see

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