Fissure Rock
Fissure Rock
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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A gritty coming-of-age page turner! Sixteen year old Jim is the new kid in Fissure Rock, population 10,004. He immediately falls for beautiful intelligent classmate Cynthia. Despite his new friend Andy´s warnings about her, Jim is soon led into a strange underground world filled with drinking, drugs, and the increasingly "extreme" local teenage bAcKyArD wReStLiNg federation! Jim becomes entangled in a web of lies, strange twists and turns, including voyeuristic home-made videos (and a mysterious internet stalker).

"The story is told with tenderness, attention to detail, and surprising wit. Considering its subject matter and ages of the main characters, it´s easy to predict the book receiving a hardy welcome on the desks of high-school and middle-school students worldwide. FISSURE ROCK is a rock solid debut novel." -Emanuel Carpenter, Midwest Book Review.

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John Blair teaches English in his native Toronto, Canada. A former president of the Canadian Authors Association, he is the writer of several short stories and songs. John is a practitioner of the philosophy of contradiction; for example, he does not believe in competition but enjoys watching NHL hockey, especially his beloved Maple Leafs!

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