Scooter Challenges the Day
Scooter Challenges the Day
A true story as told by Patrick Trotter
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Scooter Challenges the Day is a story written for those who root for the underdog. Scooter, a Jack Russell terrier, was born with a crooked front leg. However, this spunky little dog never let it get him down. In fact, one day when his master was in trouble, Scooter acted selflessly and became a true hero and won the hearts of a small Arizona town.
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Since the rattlesnake bites, Scooter recovered without any ill effects. He resided in Cave Creek, Arizona with Patrick. Immediately following his trip to the vet, the staff at Animal Health Services called the local Sonoran News paper. They ran a story and adopted Scooter as their heroic mascot. The National Enquirer even picked up the story! On July 8, 1997, radio talkshow host Paul Harvey did a spot on his KTAR show about the incident. The American Humane Association honored Scooter with the William O. Stillman Award for bravery in 1996. In 1997, at the Wild West Veterinary Conference in Reno, NV Scooter received yet another award for his selfless deed. He was additionally inducted into the Arizona Animal Hall of Fame by the AZ Veterinary Medical Association for the near sacrifice of his life which, to the AVMA, “exemplifies the strength and value of the human/animal bond.” Finally, the English Jack Russell Terrier Club not only bestowed Scooter with a medal of bravery and a plaque, but also a baby brother, Sprocket. Sadly, this REAL hero crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July 2003.

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