Wyoming Winking
Wyoming Winking
Nature Speaks
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The Secrets of Nature...in a Nice Slice

"I have many passions, it would seem, and this book I hope will share two of them with you to your delight and satisfaction; unique nature photography in Wyoming with provoking thoughts on paper.

Nature holds a very special place in my heart and she never ceases to inspire or share absolute beauty. Take just a moment to pause, listen or observe and she will never fail to "wink" at you. It is in these fleeting moments of a seemingly eternal quality, that can one can be inspired on a level beyond typical classification.

If your heart holds an affinity for all things beautiful, I invite you to be immersed in Wyoming Winking - Nature Speaks. Enjoy!"

Bradley Loren Marlow
Wyoming Winking - Nature Speaks

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Bradley Loren Marlow is a mixed bag of tricks. He has studied photography, film, screen writing, editing, sound design and acting at the largest private Art School in the USA; Academy of Art College San Francisco.

He also attended Northwest College graduating with a degree in communications. Bradley won numerous awards in competitive speech and drama throughout High School and College.

More recently, he was awarded three Golden Buddhas by a group of his peers for a short film he wrote, directed, produced, filmed and edited called In Cosi Dura Sorte - In this Cruel Fate. At the time of this writing, Mr. Marlow has been involved in the production of over 18 films, 9 of which are his own.

He has worked in Sales and Management in Las Vegas and overseas in Singapore as a Membership and Marketing Director for the pioneer club in Southeast Asia named Planet Fitness. Mr. Marlow has also worked in radio, construction, advertising and even an unfortunate stint as an exterminator.

Bradley prefers to be on a Mountain as opposed to an office any day. He currently owns his own business and lives in Wyoming.

Wyoming Winking - Nature Speaks Testimonials!

What People are Saying about the New Book: Wyoming Winking - Nature Speaks

"…deceptively powerful volume of photographs…"
- Adam S. - New York, NY
Former New York Times and Sports Illustrated Photo Editor-Business Owner www.e2productions.com

"Bradley´s photographs use a great sense of form and color to create quite conversations. He´s a storyteller!"
- Dava, G. - San Francisco, CA
Professional Graphic Designer, Interior Designer and Business Owner www.noise13.com

"Stunning! I´m completely blown away! I´m not sure what I liked more, the beautiful photography, or the poetry that brought it all to life."
- Ronda B. - Riverton, WY
Social Worker and Mother

"Two Thumbs Up!"
- Tuco C. - San Francisco, CA
Writer, Photographer and Film Maker www.drccvision.com

"It is beautiful!"
- Kay G. - Las Vegas, NV
Veterinarian Assistant and Mother

"…your poetic words are key to my heart."
- Darryl B. - Las Vegas, NV
Poet - Musician and Landscape Expert

"It touched my heart and put me at peace."
- John M. - Las Vegas, NV.
Inventor and Entrepreneur

"The detail in the flowers is awesome! It inspired me to pop off a few frames in the backyard yesterday."
- Wally E. - Greybull, WY.
Photographer and Dry Wall Master

"I liked it. Exceedingly!"
- James S. - Las Vegas, NV
Engineer and Photographer

"I can tell you honestly ... this book is not only gorgeous art but, pictorial love."
- Dana P. - Los Angeles, CA
Independent Investigator and Full - time Mother

"Anyone who has the opportunity to explore your photos and writing will surely be blessed with a gift!"
- Tammi J. - Hagerstown, MD
Full - time Mother

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