Fast Ball
Fast Ball
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It’s the nineteen fifties, a time when families are woven tightly to each other, and with few secrets. A vibrant period as young men and women born in America of foreign ancestry try to assimilate and attempt to achieve the American dream and way of life. This tale is about such a family, children born to immigrant parents.

The Panarelli’s have three children, Cosmo the oldest son, followed by his brother Dante, and sister Gina. Cosmo chooses the path of crime, while his brother into an all-star professional baseball player. Gina aspires to have a career in the field of medicine. They each face unexpected challenges with life altering results.
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Born in East Boston, Massachusetts in 1932 the second child of immigrant Italian parents. He acquired first hand experience the difficulties his parents and other Italian émigrés had in assimilating into the American culture, customs, and in learning the English language. In 1939 just shy two months of his seventh birthday his father died on, leaving his mother as the matriarchal head of the family. By example she instilled in him as well as to her other three children to challenge themselves through out their lives. He and his wife Elizabeth have raised four children, with seven grandchildren

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