Math for God's Glory
Math for God's Glory
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Math for God's Glory surveys mathematics in the Bible. Its goal is to provide a doctrinal basis for mathematics. This provides a firm foundation for each branch of mathematics in contrast to the false philosophies of mathematics which promote science, logic, math itself, or the human mind as the basis for mathematics. With these false philosophies so prevalent in schools across America, it is important to know and teach the true foundation. The book is inspired by Henry Morris, who did a similar book for the sciences entitled The Biblical Basis of Modern Science.
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Ron Tagliapietra, B.S. North Central College; M.S. University of Oregon; B.S. Pillsbury Baptist Bible College; M.A. and Ed.D. Bob Jones University. Ron has been writing high school math texts and their ancillaries for Bob Jones University Press for 15 years. His books Better Thinking and Reasoning, a geography text, Great Adventurers of the Twentieth Century, and The Seven Wonders of the World are also available from BJU Press. He has also self-published The Southern Sixers on the highest peaks in the Southern USA, 150 South Carolina Waterfalls, and Waterfalls of the States. His previous book on Xlibris is Bible Preservation and the Providence of God, which he cowrote with Sam Schnaiter.

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