39 Months at Tule Lake
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39 Months at Tule Lake
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The observations of a man who was a staff member at the Tule Lake Segregation Center from March, 1943, at the start of segregation until the center closed in 1946. Sheldon Lowery chose to be part of the staff there because of his deep sense of unease at the injustice of the evacuation of a group of people just because of their ancestry. His job was to take care of the property of the evacuees, whether it was a sewing machine that was needed at camp or a farm or other business back home.
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Margaret Lowery was born and raised in Berkeley, California. She spent nearly three years at Tule Lake, the Japanese Segregation Center during WWII when her parents were on staff there. A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, she married, raised five children, taught first grade and has been active in civil rights issues. Now retired, she quilts, gardens, writes poetry and remains active in civil rights issues. She lives in Coronado, California with her younger daughter, two standard poodles and a cat.
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