Render Unto Caesar
Render Unto Caesar
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Render Unto Caesar is a story of private, religious beliefs elevated to the law of the land. In an America caught in the grip of theological absolutism one woman must find a way to rekindle the cause of freedom and liberty, not only in a country torn apart by unending rebellion, but within herself as well. Sarah Carlyle, a rebel leader, finds she has lost her belief in the cause she has been fighting for it has deteriorated into a continual stalemate of retaliation. She wants the fighting to stop. Yet, the more she seeks to distance herself from the battle, the deeper she finds herself in the conflict. When she does find her cause, her belief, it is not the goals of religious freedom or democratic government. It is the lives of a young couple and their, as yet, unborn child.
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A lifetime native of New York City, I was born and still live on the west side of Manhattan, known to the natives as ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’ I attended Brooklyn College were I received a BA degree in History. Render Unto Caesar is my first novel.

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