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Texas Oilfield Folks
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“This book is filled with stories of real Texas Pioneer Oilfield People, their families and friends. Some are gripping, some are humorous, and all are interesting. Real oilfield people are a very deserving group of folks who have largely been ignored by writers. So enjoy a trip with them one hundred years back into Texas’ past and move forward with them through the famous Humble and Burkburnett Oilfields, the Great American depression of the 1930’s and World War II. Then follow the author into the heart of the Great East Texas Oilfield and learn about his wife’s family and other Pioneer oilfield people he came to know during those hard years. Sample readers called this book a “great read”, saying they felt better after reading it rather than wondering why they had bought it.” Ed Stevenson
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Except for a few months in California and Florida while serving in the US Navy, I have spent my entire life in Texas. I was born into a world with no refrigerators, radios, refrigerators, Tv’s, air conditioners or computers. I have lived in Wichita Falls, Corpus Christi, Denton, Henderson, Tyler, and Houston and to many places, working at many jobs but I enjoy my roots and am not the kind of person people would call a mover. Over the years I have become a cranky but observant old man who enjoys the challenge of surviving in today’s world while writing and publishing this memoir. Like most Texans, I enjoy modern times, particularly automobiles, television and riding lawn mowers but like a typical elderly I spend many hours comparing this year with those of my earlt times. This book is written and published to give younger persons a chance to see another Texas way of life through my eyes as well as those of a lost breed of people, my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, in-laws and far too many deceased friends. In twenty more years, none of us will be left to tell it like it was.
I was a longtime neighbor of "MR ED" as he was known by friends. Quiet a story teller about various historical events in Texas. As having worked years ago in Texas Oilfields I had heard of many of his characters. Don't forget to read his other book, "Texas Animal Tales (plus Duke, the Varmit Dog)
David Little 

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