The Forgotten Liars
The Forgotten Liars
The Tammi Honig
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In 1979 Billy McEwan is drifting through his last year of college (or, at any rate, his last year as an undergraduate.) But then he meets a troubled young woman named Tammi Honig. He does not save her life, but perhaps she saves his. Thanks to her, he enjoys (or experiences, at least) many adventures on New York's Upper West Side, back in the days when the City was still dangerous, dirty, and romantic, back in the days of punk rock, Thai stick, and Checker cabs. Indeed, his adventures eventually lead him beyond the boundaries of the Upper West Side. He doesn't just venture south of West 72nd Street or north of West 125th Street: at various times, he finds himself as far afield as Boston, Atlanta, and even the San Fernando Valley.
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Timothy Horrigan was born in Indiana in 1956, and was educated at the Northfield Mount Hermon School, the University of Southern California and (not too surprisingly, given the setting of this book) Columbia University. In the 1970s and 1980s, some of his poems were published in various small magazines, but his fiction had to wait till the 21st century to be published. He currently lives in Durham, NH with his cat and his ex's cat, and works for an educational testing firm.

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