Obtaining the Ultimate Love Relationship
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We all desire a loving relationship whether it is with family, friends and/or a spouse. We want to give love and receive love in return. Too many times, we give our love only to feel rejected, hurt and squashed like a bug under life’s giant fly swatter. The definition of euphoria is: the ultimate happiness. This book serves as a guide to euphoria through unlocking the treasure of real love. Learn how to obtain and keep real love. Isn’t it time for you to have peace, happiness and love in your life? Quotes for back of book: "Lenora has a true servants heart that always uplifts and encourages. Her boldness and desire to help others with relationships and life shines brightly through her writing." Steve Henderlong, 39 Stripes “Through her conversational manner, and openness in sharing her personal challenges during this journey to understanding, Lenora provides a refreshing approach to absorbing and applying the important spiritual truths contained within this book” Mark Blackwell Guiding Light Ministries International "Over the years, I have watched Lenora bloom into a mighty woman of God. Her story is almost like Cinderella's; a harsh upbringing coupled with an adoring Bridegroom and a blushing bride. She is so in love with Jesus!. This book is a testimony to the power of love and what can happen when a person surrenders to our God, who IS love." Cathy Lloyd, Pastor with Peter Lowe Ministries
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Lenora Gauthier became a Christian in October 1989. She is a single mother, respected ministry leader, successful business executive, and accomplished author. Lenora earned her AA in Mass Communication from St. Petersburg College in 2004. Hundreds have heard her anointed teaching in person. Now she has the opportunity to reach thousands with the message of how Jesus Christ transformed her life. What He has done for her, He can and will do for you.

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