How Cultivators Grow Seedless Marijuana
How Cultivators Grow Seedless Marijuana
For the Treatment of Medical Illness
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This new multi-controversial information picture book is one of a kind that tackles the subject how cultivators grow seedless marijuana for the treatment of medical illnesses. This picture book has several short stories of people that have medical illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, aids, depression, lupus, stress, and many more, that request medical marijuana as a treatment.

There are 10's of thousands of people with different illnesses that are taking medical marijuana for medication. This may be a small book but it is immense in information and guarantees that you will learn someting pertaining to this multi-controversial topic.

This book also contains 32 color pictures and a great amount of knowledge, information and techniques that are utilized by cultivators.

By American Author Max Beau

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About the author Max Beau,

professional in the 80s and 90s. During these periods he noticed there were many people using marijuana to treat their illnesses weather they are terminally ill or not and benefiting from its use.

One of many true stories is of an elderly couple in the 60s that had an assortment of illnesses and they realized that conventional medicines were not totally helping. They began trying herbal medicines eventually growing their own herbal medicines including marijuana for many year after that.

He realized that it had helped an elder couple with their illnesses. As time moved on there was thousands of laws abiding people growing medical marijuana for the treatment of their personal illnesses. In the 90s Max Beau began to study and investigate how these techniques are utilized by cultivators. The quiet underground world of cultivators is almost impossible to penetrate for information or certain techniques.

This multi controversial book might be as controversial as Bruce Lee divulged secrets of the Arts.

Robert W. Sampson


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