Welcome to Purgatory
Welcome to Purgatory
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The adventure begins when James Michael Sullivan is introduced to the Purgatory Fire Department’s A-shift headquarters crew and is immediately thrust into the often-violent world of the firefighter-emergency medical technician. At first unable to comprehend the morbid humor approach of veteran firefighters, he is gradually transformed into a jaded professional, so totally proficient at bottling his emotional responses to horror that he begins to feel his humanity is in jeopardy. His mission: Save lives and property. His goal: Reach retirement age physically and mentally whole. How will the adventure end? The answer lies in a place called Purgatory. Welcome.
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Robert J. Breen was a seventeen-year member of the Petaluma, California Fire Department, 1973-1990. He worked as a firefighter-emergency medical technician, a rescue vehicle driver, a relief engineer and truck operator, a producer of training videos, and a CPR instructor. After retirement, he enrolled at Sonoma State College in Rohnert Park, California, graduating in 1993 with a B.A. degree in dramatic arts, and returning in 1998 to take postgraduate courses in creative writing. He has been accepted into the Fall 2004 Masters program in Writing and Consciousness at New College of California. He lives with his wife in Petaluma.

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