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A Franchise of One
Strategies for Pharmaceutical Sales
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A Franchise of One: Strategies for Pharmaceutical Sales, is Dr. Neil Berliner´s new training and self-help book for pharmaceutical representatives. Dr. Berliner is a highly experienced pharmaceutical trainer and speaker, as well as being a regular contributor to Pharmaceutical Representative and its "Doctor´s World" founder and columnist. A Franchise of One introduces three valuable concepts for representatives which are explained and reinforced throughout the book. These major concepts are: 1. that representatives should view themselves as professional business people, similar to franchisees of major corporations ("Franchise of One"), and that they should pay careful attention to their resources such as budget and time. 2. that representatives should take specific actions during every call with their physicians to be perceived more as colleagues than as sales people (minimizing the "Implied Hierarchy"). and, 3. that representatives should assess each physician as an individual, so as to optimize message delivery during every detail opportunity ("Physician Specific Detailing").
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Neil Berliner, M.D. is one of the most utilized pharmaceutical trainers and lecturers in the United States. He writes articles on a regular basis for Pharmaceutical Representative and is the founder and author of it´s "Doctor´s World" column. Dr. Berliner regularly speaks on behalf of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world to train their representatives and managers and to deliver promotional and CME programs of every size and format. He has spoken in 45 states since 1997 and averages 200 events each year. Dr. Berliner is a Columbia University trained psychiatrist who has practiced for 21 years in New York City. He understands the dynamics that exist between pharmaceutical representatives and physicians, and can effectively communicate how representatives can optimally detail their doctors. Dr. Berliner is also a nationally recognized comedy writer with credits in many television and radio venues including Comedy Central´s "William Shatner Roast" and the New York Comedy Festival "Mario Batali Roast". He currently writes for comedian Artie Lange.

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