Deadspace Poetry
Deadspace Poetry
Simple verses from the Round Top Register
Casebound Hardcover
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“Leafing through the extensive electronic pages of the Round Top Register is somewhat akin to touring the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles. The Register conjures a palpable sense of place through its consistently folksy tone and thick-as-cornbread slices of rural life...In this self-contained universe, The Register is something of a Web-based Prairie Home Companion for the Lone Star State, where the men are loquacious and the women are octogenarians. “While Garrison Keillor's whimsical meanderings may provoke a few wry smiles, Travis's material can produce beer-belly laughs...but could everything that Travis prints in the Round Top Register be considered as truthful and accurate? Pushed to admit that the Register is not based strictly on reporting, Travis deflects the question. ‘The place I live is so unique and so special that it is often hard to separate the far-fetched fiction of my imagination from the facts as they live in the minds of the citizens,’ he said. ‘I am living a writer's dream and I know it.’” MATTHEW MIRAPAUL - Arts at Large columnist for the New York Times "He's got a lot of imagination. He's the kind of guy, if you give him enough rope, he'll use all of it” DAVE NAGEL - Legendary Round Top Mayor ROUND TOP PUBLISHING COMPANY P. O. Box 225 - Round Top, Texas 78954 - (979) 249-5550 Copyright 2005 - All rights reserved
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Chris Travis wears many hats. He is the Managing Partner of Sentient Architecture, LLC, a full service architecture firm.

He is the CEO of Nidiant Corporation, an Internet start-up that has recently launched the website...and a theorist who speculates about creating homes that fit people on his blog at Architecture of life.

He has been profiled by the New York Times.

He is the publisher and lead writer of the regional quarterly, the Round Top Register. He is a poet, and the author of Deadspace Poetry, a book of poems and images.

Chris Travis is also a master carpenter, a furniture maker, a song-writer and guitarist, a wilderness canoeist, a children’s advocate, a humorist and public speaker.

Mr. Travis’ book of poetry and images, Deadspace Poetry, was compiled from poems he had published in the Round Top Register between 1995 an 2001.


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