Walkin on the WILDSIDE
Walkin on the WILDSIDE
Perfect Bound Softcover
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WALKIN ON THE WILD SIDE is one of four unusual things. It is either a collection of short, quirky screenplays or plays. Or it is, taken as a whole, one screenplay which could be entitled WALKIN ON THE WILD SIDE-A QUIRKY SHORT FILM FESTIVAL. Or, WALKIN ON THE WILD SIDE-A QUIRKY SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL. It is for the unusual in you. And it is for me because this is what I like to see, read, and write.
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KEITH HEMMERLING has starred in and written five films distributed and represented in 2004 by ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL PICTURES in all major markets of the world, including CANNES-PARIS, FRANCE/MIDCOM-PARIS, FRANCE/MIFED-MILAN, ITALY/AFM-LOS ANGELES, USA. He has written two books self-published with XLIBRIS-MANIC IMPRESSION, and WHOREHOUND. He is President of The Hemmerling Foundation which underwrites films worldwide and on PBS to strong reviews from The New York Times, Newsweek, TV Guide, The Washington Post and more. The Foundation is the 2003 and 2004 Recipient of THE HEROES OF THE HEART AWARD from THE CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT for rescuing children from street prostitution. He is a graduate of Brown University, Magna Cum Laude; The University of Virginia School of Law; The New York University Graduate School of Law, LL.M. Masters of Taxation Program; and a member of The California Bar Association.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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