Hands Beneath Our Wings
Hands Beneath Our Wings
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The “Golden Age of Flying” followed World War II, and Private Flying came into it’s own as aircraft manufacturers rushed to fill the demand for practical private aircraft that were affordable and safe. This book describes the pleasures and downsides of private flying as experienced by the Johnson family from 1957 through 1986, as they flew some 10 different aircraft throughout the country. The helping HANDS OF GOD is emphasized throughout the book as they manage to emerge from some frightful experience.
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Ernie started flying at the age of 15 at the Westchester Country Airport, White Plains, New York just as the World War II was ending. He soloed on his 16th birthday, October 7, 1945 and was the youngest solo pilot in the U.S. on that day. He earned his Private Pilot license in 1946 and went on to achieve his Commercial Pilot’s License and Instrument Rating. He has logged over 2500 hours in many different types of aircraft. He has owned some 10 different aircraft over the years. His faith in God has carried him through many harrowing experiences; God was his Co-Pilot!

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